Cyber Insurance

What is it and why do I need it?

The What?

  • It's cover against hackers accessing your systems, stealing your data and charging a ransom to restore it or not publish it.
  • It's cover against viruses that paralyse and shut down systems including income lost whilst the system is restored.
  • It's cover for the restoration, repair, or replacement should a hacker cause damage to your system or data.


The Why?

  • Cyber crime and data theft is definitely on the increase. According to the government 42% of UK small businesses have identified at least one breach or attack in the last year, with the average cost of a breach for businesses being £8,810.  Have a look at UKGOVREPORT
  • Cyber Insurance gives peace of mind that should you experience a data breech either via a hacker or a virus attack that, not only, will you be able to recover any costs associated with the breach but you will also have someone on had to guide you through the process of what and how you do next.


Do I need it?

  • If you use a computer or if you hold any client data in a digital form the chances are you could be susceptible to an attack or a breech in data security.
  • If you have any online prescence including a website, social media accounts or blogs then you could be at risk from a hacker gaining access to your domain or accounts and using it against you.
  • Do you use online banking or keep any financial details in a software package such as SAGE? Then you may be in danger from criminals accessing your details and either stealing money directly or from ransoming the details.