Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is rarely straightforward, sometimes complex, so an essential process of client relations is to gain a thorough understanding of a client’s business. We believe an understanding can only be achieved by means of face to face consultations, not through endless forms, or online check boxes.

Through this professional approach, our team can develop a clear view of your risk exposure, enabling us to provide effective solutions, specifically tailored to your exact needs.

Insuring a business against the risk of fire or flood is an essential process for any firm which has its own offices. But despite this protection many businesses affected by fire and flood never recover and are forced to close their doors - because the downtime that comes while the office is being repaired or rebuilt has not been thought about and no contingency plan is in place to allow the business to trade in the immediate aftermath. Adequate planning and cover is needed to mitigate losses and protect a business if the worst happens.

The team at Beaumont Lawrence listen to how a business is set up and how it operates and can put together a plan that will work to meet its exact needs - covering all eventualities. Having business continuity plans and the necessary insurance in place is vital to survival.