Online staff training boost

A Shropshire insurance firm is embracing the advantages of the digital age by taking its staff training online.

Bosses at Beaumont Lawrence Ltd, in Shrewsbury, said the newly revamped online system called Broker Access is vital to make sure staff continually keep abreast of any changes to policy to ensure the firm maintains its prestigious Chartered Insurance Brokers title.

“It gives our staff easy access to training and means their progress on assessments and tutorials can be monitored,” said managing director Ben Lawrence.

“It is a regulatory requirement to keep our staff up to date but above and beyond that, we have to encourage a professional standard for employees through support for technical training and the development and encouragement of appropriate behaviour.”

Beaumont Lawrence is the only company in Shropshire – and one of less than 100 across the UK- to hold the Chartered award.

But Mr Lawrence said maintaining the Chartered status requires a number of serious obligations as the title is a public declaration that a firm is of the highest quality.

He said: “We make a commitment to developing and maintaining the knowledge of our staff.

“It is essential to have expert staff within the insurance industry as we work with a wide variety of clients from SMEs to large multi-national corporate.

“It’s vital that our support and training is up to date, which is why we wanted to use the new revamped Broker Access programme.

“The world has made a shift into the digital and our clients will benefit from our modern and up-to-date system.”

Mr Lawrence said policies are developing all the time and staff have to know to apply them in the correct situation for clients.

“For example, we have been appointed to sell Cyber Insurance as online security breaches and identity theft is an increasing problem for all businesses,” he said.

“Cyber insurance policies have been created to provide protection for businesses as the online market for services and products grow.

“They provide cover against risks such as hacking and virus attacks, technology errors, data breaches and the risk of defamation, privacy breaches and infringement of intellectual property from the use of electronic media.”

Mr Lawrence said staff continually update their training in a fast-changing online world to provide the most up-to-date information for clients.

“Each member of staff has an individual training plan and it is a very organised system that provides the best for our customers,” he said.

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