Insurance firm puts its business to the test

A Shropshire insurance firm found itself with the shoe on the other foot when it had to make its own claim after the office flooded with water.

Beaumont Lawrence is urging people to make sure they are adequately insured after staff walked into the offices in Mercian Close, Shrewsbury, to find everything two inches under water.

But bosses quickly put their insurance plan into action and managed to get everything cleared up in just a few hours so that it was business as normal the following day.

“It was quite a shock to walk into such a mess,” said managing director Ben Lawrence.

“The water heater under the sink had broken so it was leaking for the whole weekend all over the office floor.

“But then our claim services kicked into action. We got our claim logged with our insurance company, Three Lions Underwriting, and that authorised us to get people in to clear it all up.”

A flood renovation specialist was called in, the carpets and computers were taken out and heaters were used to dry the office out.

“We were back up and running in just a day, which was great and very quick,” Mr Lawrence said.

Mr Lawrence said it was very interesting for staff to go through the insurance claim process themselves.

“In some ways, it was great training,” he said. “It all got sorted out quickly because of the cover we had in place.

“It enabled us to get the authority approved and to get professionals in as soon as possible. We have tested the system and it works.”

Mr Lawrence said the incident also proved to other companies how important it is to have flood damage cover.

He said: “Floods are very common. It doesn’t have to be as a result of the weather, as our case proves. Just a tap left on overnight can cause untold damage.

“Businesses should also make sure that their contents and stock is adequately insured.

“Without flood damage cover, you are really putting your business at risk."

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